The Biggest African Movie event outside of Africa - ZAFAA Global Awards

The African Film Festival and Academy Awards also known as ZAFAA Global Awards is a highly regarded film event in the UK. ZAFAA Global Awards was held in Lagos Nigeria for the first time in collaboration with Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and is ready to be repeated here in Lagos or the Capital City, Abuja - the Biggest Tourist ZAFAA Global is an African movie forum as well as an Awards from Diaspora's perspective ZAFAA Global Awards is dedicated to promoting African movies and entertainment industry to the outside world It is the biggest African movie event outside of Africa, structured as an exhibition of Africa’s post colonial culture ZAFAA Global Awards is already part of the cultural calendar of the United Kingdom

Nollywood Entertainment Limited UK, is a body registered in England & Wales in association with ZAFAA Global Awards, both entertainment companies also registered in Nigeria.

‘We introduced the name “NOLLYWOOD” to the Nigerian Film Industry’ and we promote African entertainment industry through film festivals and Academy awards