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Take advantage of the Zafaa New mechanism in promotion and social media trending. JOIN the ZAFAA Club for Nollywood UK brand or building a long lasting business model on Nollywood Africa iNnovate 0.01? | Advertise, Share, Trend, Chat with # or @ handler in more effective and credible ways. ZAFAA... doing more.
Various members of Nollywood guilds can signup for free online to promote \\\"RESOURCE RIGHTS\\\" to enable accredited individual members to EARN distribution income generated from advertisement and sponsorship trends. It is free to join and trend your services... it is simply called \\\'SELLOUT\\\':  -get to know more in the membership section when you login as a social member.

ZAFAA TRAVELS & TOURS is a PAID upgrade for Nollywood and Non-Guild members who want to learn the trade and invest in Film production, distribution and Networking of the productions using ZAFAA divides.

Learn more when you enter the ZAFAA Social Club room. Chief Admin gives all the answers you need when you sign up as an upgrade member.