Nomination List - ZAFAA Global Awards

Unveiling Soon!

ZAFAA Global AWards Nomination List will be out as soon as the call for submission section is over. We are applying very technical use of the new media in the 2017 ZAFAA Awards. Note that Zafaa awards has gone far and wide and as such African Film makers around the world urged and agreed through multiple email correspondences we have been receiving on a daily basis to expand the scope with the NEW MEDIA and that has giving way to iNNOTES ZAFAA Global Awards - 2017.

- We are calling for massive online film registration/submission for 2017
- Stakeholders super support for African Cultural Heritage and continuous promotion through various medium
- Promotion and increase reach-ability of goods and services
- Travels and Tour that encourages promotion of Nollywood Africa as leading brand in the world
- Participate, support and to increase popularity among other Award shows

Kindly be part of this new innovation... ZAFAA is alive and touring the world to share development  and innovative ideas, challenges and result-oriented to the rest of the world.