ZAFAA Global Awards

ZAFAA Global Awards travels is an initiative that has been building bridges of global networking inside the Nollywood since 2006, promoting African Film collaboration through film Awards outside shores of Africa by Africans living all over the world to the new global audiences with the aim of bridging the gap between established international Film Makers and African Collaborators at Home or in Diaspora.

Through ZAFAA Global Awards TRAVELS & TOUR, Meet & Greet and Networking among Nollywood practitioners and Friends of Nollywood becomes more accessible and open for business roundtable.

For more than a decade, ZAFAA was able to make it possible for many possible Visits, Networking and Movie Premiere facilitation in London – UK, America, Asia and Africa.

Membership into ZAFAA Social Forum online is FREE! However, there are numbers of other premium registration packages that gives membership great cross-cultural tourism advantage during and after ZAFAA AWARDS FESTIVALS the visit to various countries where ZAFAA holds her Africa Film Awards. Our past records describe who we are and our value is simply unquantifiable.
You can participate in any of the following openings throughout ZAFAA FESTIVAL EVENT CALENDAR YEAR.