Prince Sam Anwuzia, CEO/President ZAFAA Global Awards and the way forward for Nollywood Africa and in the Diaspora.

The African Film Festival and Academy Awards (also known as ZAFAA) is a highly regarded and anticipated Film Event within the African Communities and has already become a part of the United Kingdom\\\'s Annual Cultural Film Festival Calendar. Through Nollywood Entertainment Ltd. UK the convener of ZAFAA Global Awards in London, the annual global award plans to re-trend Nollywood brand through \\\"New Media\\\" this simply means that Nollywood-Africa Film Industry with the intention of re-launching into the international movie market on the same level as other global movie industries.

Prince Sam Anwuzia, CEO/President ZAFAA Global Awards

Zafaa Global Awards
is an annual event that stands shoulder to shoulder with other reputable foreign awards such as the American OSCAR, the British BAFTA and Indian BOLLYWOOD Movie Awards. It attempts to recognise African filmmakers, actors and other contributing personalities in the Diaspora. ZAFAA main aim therefore is to promote African movies and culture, as well as compliment African artists with their foreign counterparts.

Every year the international media captures a moment from ZAFAA preparation. Enjoy watching this from past event\\\'s extraction.

African entertainment industry has metamorphosed rather rapidly into a veritable competitor in the showbiz world. One of the most evident examples of this is the ever-increasing popularity of this black African country. It has become a Mecca of sorts to highly rated foreign musicians - who hitherto, were only seen on our television sets, performing alongside our local artists.


ZAFAA Global Awards\\\' main aim is to Promote African Movies and Culture as well as Compliment African Artists with their Foreign Counterparts.

to promote African movies & culture and compliment African artists with their foreign counterparts

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